Custom videos to better reach our customers

Custom videos to better reach our customers

We do not discover anything new if we say that it is increasingly difficult to contact the customer. We discussed in a previous post that email inboxes are increasingly saturated and is very difficult to reach our target audience, because of the overload of information you receive every day.

Among the marketing techniques that must help us to overcome the barrier of full mailbox from Meydis propose differentiation, and it passes through a communication model that is taking hold at full speed: custom videos.


Video is, right now, an excellent channel to contact our customer. Obviously, communication will continue to be unidirectional, but by customizing the recipient will feel that there is a touristed message, which is not treated as a number: with something as simple as the integration of the user’s name in our video achieve your viewing time increased, virtually equating open rates with full viewing rates.

This type of message works by creating a video template on which subsequently relevant to the customer, from a database data will be integrated, but the person who receives it will give you the feeling of being in front an exclusive video. Hosted on the website of the company itself or on servers from Meydis we can provide, they will surprise the simplicity of its production from its effectiveness.

Combining two trends of high impact (video and customization), the success is being emphatic: the simple fact that customers see a video may seem a priori an obstacle in itself, but when their wants and needs fits over half (55%) will be watching, above the average viewing video on the Internet.

Moreover, personalization increases results because it generates more attention, it promotes loyalty and increases customer satisfaction, which is increasingly necessary to dazzle.

Therefore, the most notable benefits of personalized video are:

  • Adds quality to information
  • Generates satisfaction and confidence
  • Increases loyalty
  • Reduces customer care costs
  • Causes greater attention to communication

Personalized videos we have produced in Meydis have demonstrated the effectiveness of this type of communication, increasingly implemented in Spanish companies.


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