What is the definition of Marketing?

What is the definition of Marketing?

In Meydis Group we are dedicated to marketing, and as experts in this area we have found that many times we talk to our customers in terms that for us are quite familiar, but for the average entrepreneur may be unknown.

Therefore, because we want to understand what we can offer and what areas of your company in which we can influence, in our blog go we pinpoints some of the terms we use freely so that they become familiar to everyone is.

And we believe that the best way to start this dictionary is to define the word marketing, the origin of our relationship with our customers.

What is marketing?

definicion de marketing

In June 2013 the RAE assembled a stir in the networks by publishing the correct use of the word according to its own rules. Among the reactions of users was more than clear that the word most widely used is the anglicized, also accepted by the academy. And is that even in the language of Cervantes we should write márquetin, all costs us assume this script.

More accepted, however, is the use of the word marketing, which is the term by which we find in the collaborative encyclopedia Wikipedia. And it is here that we find, in our opinion, the most successful marketing definition:

“It is a process that involves the identification of needs and wants of the target market, the formulation of objectives consumer-oriented, building strategies that create a higher value, the implementation of customer relations and retention of customer value to achieve benefits .”

That is, marketing is the set business strategies aimed at positioning targets, market share and profitability. Since the objective is the satisfaction of demand, strategies require a deep knowledge of the market in which they will operate.

There are many types of marketing, depending on the type of market, product, or service for which they develop. But that can give us for several chapters of this dictionary. By today, and to start, this information and clarifies a little more what we do in Meydis Group and what we can do for your company.


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