The power of the postal mailing

The power of the postal mailing

Scorned few years ago because of its low effectiveness due to saturation which was subjected the potential customer, technical postal mailing returns to the fray at a time when users leave unread many emails and appreciate communication on paper as if it were the newest marketing techniques.

Fed up email received all kinds of information that not only spam filters are able to manage a good campaign, supported on paper, can be as effective as most of technological developments. The trick? Search the target audience, know their preferences and bringing them the information that matters most.


The postal mailing is one of the most effective tools of direct marketing: it has a good return on investment, the channel is not currently as saturated as mailboxes, and is an affordable way.

Today it is so rare to find a letter on our behalf it is almost impossible not to pay attention a few minutes. Well planned, our postal mailing campaign can have a surprisingly high return.

Work tirelessly planning your campaign

When planning the campaign postcard mailing we consider absolutely all its variables, from the message to the type of paper used or the print format: we will enter the house of a potential client, and it is essential to make a good impression .

Detects your target audience, their tastes and needs, give students a need and let them know of this direct way that your company has the best services to satisfy it.

If you do not know how, in Meydis we can help you: We are experts in this type of work. We have the resources to take care of all the processes of your campaign: strategic planning, graphic design, printing, enveloping intelligent, distribution or mailing.

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