Whatsapp marketing or conversational marketing

Whatsapp marketing or conversational marketing

If you are aware of the latest technologies applied to marketing, you have no doubt heard of WhatsApp Marketing, the latest digital marketing strategy that is emerging as the tool that will have more weight in the future.

With more than 20 million users in Spain, Whatsapp application is most important and widespread instant messaging. So, Spain is the fourth in the world in its use, ahead of other applications such as Line, Telegram or Facebook Chat.


Easy, fast and cheap are the three characteristics that have allowed WhatsApp make the ultimate tool in fashion. Since it was bought by Facebook, WhatsApp does not stop to receive news: from the Web application to calls, video calls and very soon, as Facebook bid for video.

In commercial terms, the WhatsApp allows a much more direct relationship, but also casual with our audience. This is what is beginning to be called conversational marketing. In Whatsapp we use a more colloquial language, which will allow the commercial nature of our conversations pass unnoticed. Moreover, being a direct communication will be very easy to get feedback from customers.


Of course, it is important to note that this strategy mobile marketing and use of WhatsApp tool is intended for business where you have a close relationship with the client, as a form of loyalty.

Moreover, Whatsapp can, thanks to the latest development technology, used as a contact with the customer for large companies, in the style of traditional call centers. In Meydis we put our technology to work to develop this new system customer.

In addition, selling through the mobile phone or mobile commerce is one of the most important trends in the short and medium term within the e-commerce sector and is absolutely soaring. With this perspective becomes increasingly necessary to look back to this type of media that new technologies offer us.

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